The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.
— J.S. Bach

Growing up in a rich cultural center of Russia, St.-Petersburg, Elena Maque was always drawn to art. Whether it was dancing, painting or playing an instrument, she always felt like Art was the best way to express her soul and true feelings. 

Upon graduating from Mussorgsky College of Music in St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena was already an established musician. For a few years she was a part of the city`s renowned jazz big band led by  Gennady Golshtein, which toured Russia and other European countries. During that time she was also working on some of her own music projects. After moving to the US, Elena started searching for new ideas, learning a lot from the local musicians in Seattle. 



Combining her knowledge in classical music, jazz and funk styles resulted in creation of Elena's unique and individual sound.  As a composer she believes that every song has a story, an experience or a feeling that left it's footprint in the artist's soul. Her music is sincere and personal.

Currently Elena is leading Maquattack band and Elena Maque Quartet.

In 2017 Elena and her partner D'Vonne Lewis founded an art project called SoulCanvas that features and promotes various artists in the North West America. 

CD release coming soon.



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